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    Hi Everyone,

    All you need to do to enter is to add some details about your crabitat, your contact details and then upload some photos of your crabitat (either here on the thread or over on the Flickr group. Then at the end of the month we will have a poll to find the winner.

    You must be registered on this site to enter and/or to vote.
    If you are having problems registering email Vanessa vanessa.pike.russell@gmail.com or Stacy crabstreetjournal@gmail.com for assistance.

    —- Template for your entry below – copy and paste, then edit —-

    Name: ( eg. Vanessa P.. or Vanessa Pike-Russell )
    Email: ( eg. mail@yahoo.com )
    Year of Birth: ( eg. 1971 )
    Location: ( eg. Michigan, USA )
    Dimensions of Crabitat: ( eg. 50cm by 20cm (base) by 20cm (height)
    Volume of Crabitat: ( eg. 40 Gallon / 200 Litres )
    Description of Substrate: ( eg. Tropical PlaySand, Silver Sand)
    Description of Tank Items ( eg. Netting, ReptiRock Dish, Rock Cave )
    Comments: Add some comments about your crabitat and any changes you may have made recently.


    If you are having trouble attaching images and don’t have software to resize them then visit picresize.com and try reducing to 25%.

    An alternate way to resize is to upload to flickr and then download the smaller size version.
    I’ll do some videos on how this works asap 🙂


    Anne Grady

    Anne Grady
    email: dragonfly1233@yahoo.com
    Seven Springs, North Carolina
    Main Tank is 48″ X 21″ X 12″ – 55 gallons
    Topper is 20″ X 17″ x 12″ – 10 gallons

    I have used cholla wood, plastic plants and vines (help up with suction cups) a large driftwood piece and several WalMart soap dishes as sleeping places. I cover the sleeping places with vines so they think they are hiding. I have a large repti rock type pool for fresh water, about 2 to 3 inches deep and a quart size plastic dish for the salt water, about the same depth. I have recently added an aqua rock for humidity and just added, but not in these pics, I have bubblers in both. I’m truly not sure if the aqua rock helps, but about a half cup of water, or more evaporates every day, so it must. I have moss pits hidden behind plants in both end of the tank and the large dish in the topper is also moss lined. Mostly the topper is a big shell shop.

    To make the topper I replaced the lid on half of the tank with plexi glass and cut a hole 4″ X 16″ through it. I broke out the bottom of the 10 gallon tank (getting ALL the glass out of the frame took a lot of time). It is not attached, I just pick it up and set it aside when I want access to that side of the main tank. I have 3 or 4 crabs that seem to hang out there more than anywhere. The picture of Justin on the ladder was taken just an hour or so after I put it in place. Justin always wants to get the the highest places first.

    The smaller repti rock dish in the front was a water dish, but now I use it for food. I have crabs from an 1 1/2″ shell to not much bigger than a dime.

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    Anne Grady

    Sorry, I have rotated this photo several times and yes, saved it. It’s right on my computer, but here he is climbing sideways. Use your imagination I suppose. The ladder is a bird thing I found, no paint, just food color for dye to add a little color.


    Looks great, Anne! Good luck in the competition 🙂



    I’m posting for Jennifer from her other post:

    My names Jennifer Lear from Harlan Kentucky. I have a 50 gallon tank, using reptile sand with calcium to keep my buddies warm and safe plus the sand Is eatable. There’s colorful climbing stones made for hermit crabs and a hermit crab climbing toy. A large clam shell for their natural water and a small area with 2 sea sponges for saltwater. There is 3 hermi-huts made of coconut shells, glow in the dark beads to play with and a plastic climbing basket. My little friends are Buddy and sandman. Buddy is little more than 2 inches and sandman is about 1 inch long. My email is jennyjo2015@gmail.com


    Nicole Johnson

    Name: Nicole Johnson
    Email: buns.mommy@gmail.com
    Year of Birth: 1976
    Location: Holly Springs, MS
    Dimensions of Crabitat: 12x30x18
    Volume of Crabitat: 29 gallon
    Description of Substrate: Eco Earth and Play Sand
    Description of Tank Items: Netting,Coconut hut, Driftwood, Kritter Keeper Cave, Moss Pit
    Comments: I rearrange my crabitat often because im always thinking of new ideas and my i love to see my “nosey” crab babies exploring thier new digs ?

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    Marnel Rodriguez

    Name: Marnel J. Rodriguez
    Email: whofeih@gmail.com
    Year of Birth: 1987
    Location: Surrey, BC Canada
    Dimensions of Crabitat: 36x18x22
    Volume of Crabitat: 40 gallon
    Description of Substrate: Play Sand with Pot plant mix from Home depot
    Description of Tank Items: Netting, Net ladder, driftwood centerpiece, woos with natural moss

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