2017 December COTM


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    For ease of voting please try to do the following:

    Take and post one clear photo of the entire crabitat to be used on the poll.

    Take and post any additional photos you would like to share to highlight features. A link back to the contest thread will be included on the poll so others can browse the additional images.

    Full rules here:

    Crabitat of the Month

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    Location: Calgary Alberta Canada
    Dimensions of Crabitat: 30cm by 12cm (base) by 18cm (height)
    Volume of Crabitat: 29 Gallon
    Description of Substrate: Tropical PlaySand
    Description of Tank Items: Reptile dishes, fabric hammock, shells, burlap and shell covered mason jar hide, vines
    Comments: New owner as of this month. Bought a small tank, headed off to get hermit crabs. Found out all the things I needed and then I needed to scramble to set up more correctly once I learned. I started off with a tank, a couple small packs of hermit sand and small water dishes.
    Now I want my lil guys to have space and be comfortable. I am having a new tank made for them, which will be larger and have much more to do. Also the larger tank, I can create larger pools for them and such.


    Katrina lowney
    Chesapeake VA 23321
    125 gallons fish tank
    Eco earth and play sand used as sub
    I have 15 hermits my longest hermit I had since 2014 shells he is my big boy
    My tank is 6 foot long I have about 8 different types of pill bugs in my tank over 50 extra pants they can switch to
    Most items in my tank I made or received through swaps or also Clarence items at PetSmart I make my own food also I will try different people foods Stacy food store is one of my main shops I shop online for my rare food like green sand and worm castings there water pools are haft a gallon each so other words I used 1 gallon of water about a week to change there water lately it’s been a week and half now but Kathleen lowney has been taken care of my 15 hermit crab babies but now I don’t know who is who anymore except my old 7 because those are the ones that know me my new eight I tried to be hands off with the hermits I got them in 2016 I have learned to be a better crabby mom by Stacy web page and I support her and how she is improving many new beginners at become better hermit parents and also grateful for the crab street journal .org website thank you have a merry Christmas all

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    Evan Miller

    Wisconsin USA
    Can’t remember dimensions :T
    55 Gal
    Play sand and eco earth
    Got some cholla, a couple coconut hides, one hanging up, shell shops, a little bird nest thing I found, plenty of moss pits, the double decker thing on the left is just a couple stackable organizing totes


    Evan Miller




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