2017 March COTM

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    If you would like your crabitat entered in the monthly contest reply to this thread with the following details:

    Name: ( eg. Vanessa P.. or Vanessa Pike-Russell )
    Email: ( eg. mail@yahoo.com )
    Year of Birth: ( eg. 1971 )
    Location: ( eg. Michigan, USA )
    Dimensions of Crabitat: ( eg. 50cm by 20cm (base) by 20cm (height)
    Volume of Crabitat: ( eg. 40 Gallon / 200 Litres )
    Description of Substrate: ( eg. Tropical PlaySand, Silver Sand)
    Description of Tank Items ( eg. Netting, ReptiRock Dish, Rock Cave )
    Comments: Add some comments about your crabitat and any changes you may have made recently.

    2. Upload your photos to the thread. There is a 8MB file size limit for uploading. You may have to resize your photos OR you can upload them to another photo sharing service and then use the sharing links provided by that service to post your photos on the forum. If you don’t want to sign up for a free flickr account you can email the photo to: meet39lave@photos.flickr.com with your Name and Title in the Subject and Description in the Body of the email. Then visit our Flickr account and find your photo and click the ‘Share’ button and ‘html embed’ to generate the sharing links associated with it to post it on the forum.

    That’s all you need to do!

    Submissions must be in by midnight CST on the last day of each month.

    Voting will last 7 days and you must be a member of crabstreetjournal.org to vote.

    Photos submitted may be featured in our magazine as well. By entering this contest you are granting CSJ permission to use your photos on the site and in the magazine.

    Winners will be awarded a prize that will be mailed to their home. If you are a under the age of 18 make sure your parents are willing to grant CSJ admin permission to mail your prize to you. You are eligible to win prizes once every 90 days per contest.



    Flickr entry:

    Name: Casey Witvoet
    Email: casey.witvoet@yahoo.com
    Year of Birth: 1981
    Location: Yukon, Oklahoma
    Dimensions of Crabitat: 4 feet long by 3 feet 3 inches tall and the cabinet it sits in is 4 feet long by 2 feet 4 inches tall
    Volume of Crabitat: 75 gallon with a 20 gallon high topper
    Description of Substrate: 5:1 Ratio Play sand & EE with calcium supplement and oyster shell amendments mixed in sub.
    Description of Tank Items: Theme is Ship Wrecked with sunken ships, Rock caves, Seashell hides with a topper that contains coconut hanging huts, an exercise wheel and a large bridge. My tank has over ten shells pet crab. This tank has a 1 1/2 gallon salt water pool and a 1/2 gallon fresh water pool. Both pools have bubblers. I also have a UVB 5.0 bulb and two florescent lights that run on a 12 timer.

    Comments: This tank I have had setup since September of 2016. I currently have five Purple Pinchers in this tank. My Crab CoCo that was a rescue for a beach shop and my first crab, Cricket my largest Crab that I got from PetSmart, CoCoa a rescue in August from a local lady, Pinchie a rescue in September from a local family, and last but not least AC that I got from PetSmart. These crabs are a family and they each have their own wonderful personality! They have brought so much joy into our home!

    Crabitat Contest


    Amber Miner

    Name: Amber Miner
    Email: theamberandmoss@gmail.com
    Year of Birth: 1982
    Location: Vancouver BC Canada
    Dimensions of Crabitat: 4ft x 18″ x 12″
    Volume of Crabitat: 55gallons
    Description of Substrate: plays and, coconutfiber, coconut chunks, and leaf litter.
    Description of Tank Items: 2 filtered pools, 1 gallon each of fresh and marine salt water. Walls of cork and foliage, with plenty of vines and various other greenery and flowers affixed to it. 3 cork tubes, birch and grape wood to climb on and hide in. Mag naturals large planter used for climbing and as amoss pit. Giant coconut hanging hut (hand crocheted by me) with attached apple wood ladder for climbing and nibbling, filled with moss. Large leaf and flower “pit” area, for eating and hiding in. Many shells, three heaters so that I may turn them off and on as needed, full spectrum and ubv lights on a 12 hour timer.

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    Bailey Berschens

    Name: Bailey Berschens
    Email: baileyberschens@gmail.com
    Birthday: 1999
    Location: Placerville, CA
    Dimensions of crabitat: 30in long 13in deep and 13in wide
    Volume: 20 gal long
    Substrate: PlaySand-will add cocofiber when one of my crabs is done molting
    Tank items: Shower caddy moss pit, clam chowder container salt pool, reptile freshwater pool, straw hut, wood log, coco fiber background, UVB 5.0 bulb that runs in the day and heat mat all day and night.
    Comments: I think this is a big upgrade from the original 10 gallon tank I had, it now alot bigger and more space for my little hermies to thrive in.

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    Name: Kevin Brown
    Email: Msukevin@gmail.com
    Year of Birth: 1975
    Location: Lansing Michigan
    Dimensions of Crabitat: 72″ by 18″ (base) by 24″ (height)
    Volume of Crabitat: 135
    Description of Substrate: 5-1 playsand and EE with crushed oyster shells average depth of 12″
    Description of Tank Items 2 moss pits 1 in a large plastic basket 1 in a corner caddie. 2 shell shops, 1 in a woven basket 1 in a corner caddie. 2 quart fresh water pool & 2 qt salt water pool. 2 coco hides on the sub. 2 cork round hides. 2 cholla wood climbs into the hanging baskets. 2 Curly climbs. Burlap covered hamster wheel. EE covered saucer. 3 suspended cocohuts connected with bamboo bridges. Lots of fake plants. Fish net across the back wall. 2 24″ reptisun 5.0 uv lights. Acurite digital thermometer / hygrometer. 6 foot reptile basics heat tape with thermostat. Aqueon versa top glass lids. False bottom. Back and sides fully insulated.
    Comments: This is my second crabitat. I’ve named this one Cosa Dela Crab! It was a Craigslist find that I refurbished the cabinet,cleaned up the tank and made into my main tank! So far I’ve had zero issues. The tank holds heat and humidity perfect and my crabs couldn’t be happier!

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    Name: Tiffany S.
    Email: betweenthewalls4@gmail.com
    Year of Birth: 1990
    Location: California, USA
    Dimensions of Crabitat: 36inch X 18inch X 17inch
    Volume of Crabitat: 40 gallon breeder tank
    Description of Substrate: Playsand mixed with cocfiber ( 5:1 ). With a few cups of crushed oyster shells mixed in.

    Description of tank items: about 10-11inches of substrate, over 100 isopods to help clean, 2 pieces of choya , 2 cork bark halves, 1 grapevine, decorative plants, 2 shell shop containers, 2 plastic water dishes, frog moss with chia sprinkled on top, regular moss pitt, tons of shell options for the little guys, handmade netting along the upper rim of the tank, 2 food dishes and multiple flat shells filled with snacks throughout the tank and finally, a little bridge covered in crushes oyster shells as another snacking spot. I use a uva/uvb bulb and a day bulb (for some heat if necessary) as well as a red bulb at night (for heat and viewing). I have a digital humidity/temp. sensor in the middle of the tank that transmits to the main dock ( I forget the brand ).

    Comments: I just recently upgraded to this tank from a 20 gallon so my little guys could have plenty of space. So far the ones I have moved over LOVE it; especially my crazy climber, Marcell (he is my little Ecuadorian). I was going for a forest/beach theme; similar to spots in Northern California.

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