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    For ease of voting please try to do the following:

    Take and post one clear photo of the entire crabitat to be used on the poll.

    Take and post any additional photos you would like to share to highlight features. A link back to the contest thread will be included on the poll so others can browse the additional images.

    Full rules here:

    Crabitat of the Month



    Location: (Missouri, USA )
    Dimensions of Crabitat: (72.5in X 18.5in X 28.5in)
    Volume of Crabitat: (150 gallons)
    Description of Substrate: (Play Sand, Eco Earth Coconut Fiber Soil, Leaf Litter, Sphagnum Moss)
    Description of Tank Items (Fresh water fountain (prime treated)that connects a (prime treated/instant ocean) salt water pool via a stone bridge, netting attached to the walls, (artificial) ivy vines, wood from my parents farm, tree root, (artificial) cactus plant, cholla wood, coconut huts, artificial grass, and lights

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    Krista F Cornman

    Location: Warner Robins, Ga
    Volume of crabitat: 150 gallons
    Description of Substrate: Play sand and Eco Earth
    Dimensions of Crabitat: 6’Long x 4’Tall x 2′ wide
    Description of Tank items: Cholla wood tree, hanging coconut hide. Sphagnum moss. (2) Pools with air stone bubblers (salt & fresh). Heat mats w/thermostat to cover entire back of tank. Climbing wall that covers the entire back of the tank made of grating material, covered with netting material and plastic starfish. Wood bridge that expands form one side of tank to the other side. Plastic shelving for extra shells and climbing. Barnacles. Heat and humidity gauges. Complete with false bottom. UVB lighting on a timer.

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    I love the levels you made!!! Where did you get the wire looking racks?

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