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    I finally replenished my supply of Chia seeds so I can sprout them. I used to put these in my smoothies but I ran out. I’ve had good luck growing my own sprouts in my mini germinator but never directly in the tank. Last month I was able to sow and grown some flax sprouts directly in the tank. I tried some Chia this weekend and so far nothing is happening so either I let them dry out or SOMEONE ate them.

    I’m going to let the pomegranate ripen a bit more before I cut it up for them.

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    I plan to make up some small bags of Chia for prizes too 🙂



    I gave them one time to my guys and they threw them around in a week I had sprouts.


    I haven’t tried the Chia seeds but I put sunflower sprouts from the Organic Market and Cafe near me. Most of them have gone!



    Either my crabs ate the seeds or I let them dry out because no sprouts. Will try again this weekend though.

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