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    Maxwell Isenberg

    Hey Guys!

    I was wondering what your guy’s crabitats looked like and the details. This is for ideas to make mine better.

    My Crabitat:
    -40 Gallon + I am adding a 10 Gallon on top for more climbing room
    -Eco Earth Substrate
    -Lots Of Driftwood
    -Salt and Freshwater bowls (Soon To Be Swimming pools)
    -HugsForHermit’s amazing Ebay sold food 🙂 Yes, I did buy some of her food and my hermies LOVE the popcorn. (I left her a 5/5 review and positive feedback!
    -5 very lovely hermies, 2 Girl PP, 2 Boy PP, and one Boy E.
    -A custom made humidifier
    -Day Lights

    I have pictures of my crabitat and my hermies here:


    Anne Grady

    You might check out the pictures at the Crabitat of the month contests. Always good ideas there.


    One of the negatives of my tank is that it has a hinged wooden lid which isn’t conducive to adding another tank on top.
    Never heard of HugsForHermit. I can see a lot of $$ spent in trying out all the etsy stores and ebay stores selling hermit crab foods! 🙂


    Maxwell Isenberg

    HugsForHermits is actually on this site I believe, I saw one of her posts. Also, how do people get a tank ontop without the crabs getting out. I tried to add one on top and found one of my crabs skittering around in my kitchen the next morning.


    Anne Grady

    I added a 10 gallon to my 55. I first covered half of my 55, where one of the lids was, with a piece of plexi glass that I cut an opening in. My opening is 16″ X 4″, if I ever have to redo that I’ll make it smaller. I think that 8″ X 4″ would be enough for them and save floor space in the 10. My 10 gallon sits on top of the plexi glass, the rim on the 55 that the lid sits down into keeps it from sliding around. That way the tank is completely covered and nobody gets out.

    I took the bottom out of the 10, so the original lid and light are still on top of that. There are pics of that in this month’s Crabitat contest.

    I have smaller crabs in there now and they are up and down all the time. I use the 10 as mostly a shell shop, but also have a coconut hide and a second story sleeping area up there. My larger ones used it as well, before I moved them to a second tank.

    If you have other questions, just ask.


    Maxwell Isenberg

    Sweet, I was also wondering how to take the bottom out without hurting the tank


    Anne Grady

    What I did was use a glass cutter. I ran it as close to the edges as I was able and then gently tapped with a hammer until it broke. You have to do this outside and I actually did mine in a box so that the broken glass fell into the box and was easy to clean up. This still leaves you with a rim of glass around the outside of the bottom. I chose to remove that and it was a time consuming job because the glass is glued together. I used a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. Wear gloves and safety glasses, of course.

    I actually put a small crack in one end of the tank because I got in a hurry. I am sure there are other ways to do this. Do you have like a small family owned pet shot with fish? They might know a better way or at least an easier way to do this.

    Some have just turned the tank upsidedown and that is probably easier, but I wanted to be able to get into it without taking it off everytime. It’s a matter of what works for you I think.


    Maxwell Isenberg

    Yeah, I tried turning it upside down and it was a pain. I probably will try to remove the bottom by cutting the cauck it is held together with. Thanks for the info. I might put another tank of the same size on top to make it taller.

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