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    Ready to give up the commercial hermit crab food? Not sure where to start? There’s a list for that!
    Also I updated a list with the Dirty Dozen list of foods that you can safely buy non-organic and the foods you should always buy organic. nom nom peeps…nom. nom.

    Going Natural Beginners List

    Dirty Dozen Food List


    I’ve been adding to my list of natural foods and have just purchased some human grade (no ethoxyqin) spirulina and chlorella for the crabbies as well as some linseed, wheat germ and organic dried fruit.
    The antennae are fluttering!


    I just bought some raspberry leaf and put it in the tank. I hope the crabbies like it!
    I also added some sunflower sprouts, dried mulberry, raisins and hazelnuts.



    Linseed! I guess I always think of linseed oil as being for wood. Never thought about feeding it.


    Kirsten Houseknecht

    with the rise in popularity of alternative oils, and raw food diets… it should be easier to find some items


    Dana Rodgers

    I love the bulk food section at my Kroger for crab food! I get off looks for buying so little but it usually sparks a conversation about what it’s for and then I’m off,lol! I could talk about my hermies all day😀



    Right? And even when you know you are crazy crab gushing you can’t stop!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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