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    What are some good toys for hermit crabs? I’m talking HOMEMADE. Not the 20$ stuff that you can get at a pet store. My Hermit crabs looove pencil jars. The little wired tins you put on your desks? Yeah those! They love to climb all in them. Is there anything else I can use for playtime?



    Okay, first of all, sadly, metal isn’t safe for crabs.
    1. I like washing driftwood I find at the beach, and putting int there…
    2. Plastic pencil bins! If you take those, hang them up with suction cups and fill it with dried leaves (oak and maple are a favorite), TA DAH!!! Your crabs will be all over it in a matter of days!
    3. Mine like crawling on plastic plants and large pine cones 😀
    4. Peaices of wood I get from the woods or something

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!



    That’s a great question. I don’t use home made items, I am afraid they will have something on them that isn’t safe for the crabs. Choya wood logs are not expensive, I got mine for $5.99 at Petsmart. They love to climb and eat the wood. Plastic pencil bins are a great idea! I may try that for something different! You can get them at the dollar store. I know my crabs would love pine cones, but I wouldn’t use them from where I live, they tend to have a sticky sappy substance on them. (Philadelphia, Pa.) I guess tree sap would not be safe. They also have cork bark logs, tile, Mopani wood, a faux cave, a crab worx hotel, coco huts, plastic plants, eco earth and oolitic sand. Plenty of places to hide and climb. I have a 40 gallon tank. I would love to set up a second level and utilize the space so it can be like have an 80 gallon tank! Upgrade time! Maybe a Christmas present for them….



    So cool!!

    Actually, the tree sap:
    The latest research shows that the sap is actually full of nutrients for the crabs, and is a fav snack of wild crabs in Florida! So as long its atleast kinda dry, or only a little, it should be fine 😀 😉


    I didn’t know that about tree sap. Interesting!


    John Alpaugh

    I have to say something here. The information and facts are a little misleading.
    The kind of tree sap matters. CSJ, this site, just one of many, lists “Evergreen of any kind (pine, cedar, redwood, etc.)” As unsafe.
    Maple they find delicious.
    As far as metal being bad for crabs it is a myth. Even iron oxide (rust). There is no evidence, credible article, or science. It got started some years ago because of pollution – rusted crab traps. The fact is nature loves the iron. Artificial reefs have their base made of iron. I can of course back this up if need be.
    Crabs are attracted to anything shiny – or really anything reflective. They will at least investigate it. I used to keep colored rhinestones, moonstones, (glass I ain’t rich) and dice in my tank. Like any child they would be become bored with them after a while. Need to rotate items. A group member told me they enjoy the air bubbles in the aerator. Below is “Leela” , Amber M.’s playing in the bubbles.

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