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    Since one of my crabs has buried itself and (possibly) molting, I decided to get just 1 more crab to keep my other one company. They started off not so great… I couldnt tell if it was territorial/hierarchy behavior or aggressive because I am not that experienced with crabs (I did look on multiple websites to try to find an answer or even a video :P) they are okay now, staying on opposite sides of the crabitat. Hopefully tomorrow will be better…

    Anyways back on topic… I bought this little crab from petsmart, and its a good thing I did! I brought him home, and the very fist thing he did was change in to a shell at least 2-3 times bigger than that one and is happier than ever. He is exploring the crabitat and walking all over the place. That shell was way too small! I just think he is the cutest thing ever because he is so small!

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    He or she is a sure cutie. They all have their own personalities. Enjoy your new friends.


    John Alpaugh

    I’m sure your friends will start to get along. Usually one ends up on the higher perch no one gets pinched. I like the small ones easy to tame and so curious while active. A new shell made him/her comfy right away. This one is not small it is sooo tiny. Very cute.

    Will probably molt frequently, but so small it will go quickly too. Out of the “blue” on the surface sometimes because they are just ready. Be prepared for it if your new at it. Watching them grow up is much of the fun for me. Many, many passed through my hand and never had one this small. Very cool.

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