FAQ How can I get my hermit crab to eat out of my hand?

Originally written by Vanessa Pike-Russell

Vanessa Feeding Little Red Claw
Sometimes it takes a while to bond with your crab. they might not feed from your hand from the first time you try but if you persevere and are patient, it will happen. Gently hold the back of their shell with thumb and forefinger, and hold a piece of fruit (fresh or dried), nut (especially almond) bread, popcorn or cracker near the crab’s cheliped, or grasping claw, perhaps even brushing the food against it until your crab starts to become interested in the food and and they will responsively clutch at it and then want to taste it. You should then see your hermit crab happily breaking bits off the food and passing them to their mouth using ‘feeding hands’ known as maxillipeds, munching away.

Your hermit crab needs to feel completely at ease with you, and trust you implicitly. Slow, gentle movements and soft voice calming them as you coax them to eat works the best for me.