FAQ How can I buff shells?

Rachelrmf asked:

I have alot of natural shells that i just love, but have recently (i know i am a bit of a blonde;;lol) relized that my shells are the same as all of the pretty ones i like they just are’nt buffed out. does anyone know of a fast and easy way to buff, polish them? I had ordered a black pica from Vicki and have relized that i have severel of the same kind of course the one i got from her was so much prettier so i got my nail files out and decided to file away on one and sure enough after 4 hourse and three blisters in now looks the same! I would really like to do this with all of my shells.

I have a bunch of pica shells I got from a pet store that had bleached them, so the crusty stuff clinging to them are all white. When I got these, I was wondering the same thing….how to get that stuff off. Hunter actually changed into one of them, but even though his abdomen is large the shell seems to be too heavy for him to lift properly and comfortably. The front of the shell rests right behind his eye stalks (peepers, I call them) when he walks. Now, he’s back in his old shell. Maybe if I buff the shell a bit it will lose alittle weight Confused So, Rachel, you used a nail file

lol i did! it really did do what i was wanting but wow that was some work involved. humm. maybe one of those rock tumbler things would work?

I’m in the process of using my dremel tool to take off some of the outer layer of some goldmouth turbo’s I have so they are more lightweight. Its a process! I’ve been using really coarse sanding wheels and after about four hours worth I’m kinda sick of it lol. There are lots of different bits for dremels so I’m sure it could be done with one of those minus the blisters lol.

ha ha where do i get something like that?

I wonder if one of those foot pedicure devices would work. The hand held thing with the spinning, gritty knob.
Or….wonder how much a jeweler would charge? LOL, yeah right!!
But seriously, I wonder if the above would work?

My hubby got me the dremel for $20 at walmart. Its a little cordless model and I absolutely love it lol. There was also a wide selection of bits there with the dremels but since he has TONS of bits I just use his lol.

LOL Not to go too off topic, but does any one have an idiot proof guide to using the Dremel? I have a new one that I’ve never used because I couldnt figure out how to get all the different tips onto it. I have wanted to hollow out/lighten some of my shells for some experiments, and I cant figure out how!

Ahhh you guys the dremel is an awesome tool! So many uses!!! jsrtist..your dremel came with a little wrench looking thing..use it to loosen the silver part where your bits go into, swap bits and tighten back up. (PS there should be a little button on the grip that you have to push in while you do this) Read the manual it should show you. Once you get the hang of it you will come up with endless things to use it on.
I wonder if one of the stone grinding bits would be better than a sanding one for shells?

Lol I absolutely love mine! Hubby has one of his own and I always wanted to use it so he surprized me with a smaller one of my own. His is pretty neat because of all the different attachments you can use, and its variable speed but I do just fine with my cordless little one that has hi and low speeds.
I’m planning on going to the hobby store when I get paid to check out some of the heavy duty craft bits they have there. So excited