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Emergency Hermit Crab Help

Emergency Hermit Crab Self Help

We are sorry that you are experiencing a crab care emergency. Below are some links and information to our most commonly experienced emergency situations.

Be aware that the site is not monitored and you may not receive an immediate response from someone. It is in your hermit crab’s best interest that you read the articles linked below.

After reading these items if you still need some help, please locate the list of Emergency Help Questions.

Aggressive hermit crab

I purchased new hermit crabs: PPS (Post Purchase Stress)

Calibrating Humidity/hydrometer

Limb loss

Mites or pests within crabitat

Hypoaspis Mites are beneficial

What is Molting?

Is my Hermit crab dead or molting?

Preventing overheating in the crabitat

My hermit crab has left it’s shell and is naked

Caring for hermit crabs with limb loss or other deformities