People food for hermit crabs

Plain popcorn is a favorite snack

Plain popcorn is a favorite snack

Aside from the obvious flowers, plants, leaves, fruits and vegetables, there are some other people foods that can be safe to feed to your hermit crabs. This is not an exhaustive list but the most common we come across:

Popcorn – plain (no salt no butter). If you don’t care for plain popcorn you can always buy a small quantity of kernels and pop two or three in the microwave using a paper bag.

Hot dogs – go for all natural and only feed occasionally due to nitrates and other chemicals. No known research on their effects but you should limit the chemicals you are feeding to your hermit crabs in general. Be aware, hermit crabs can get downright piggy over hot dogs and may attempt to bury it for later. This will make your tank moldy and super stinky gross.

Babyfood – this is good if you have a hermit crab that has lost a pincer and is having trouble eating
Unsalted pretzels
Peanut butter – natural, no salt added
Honey – best served in a small dish that the crabs can’t climb into, otherwise you will have a very sticky hermit crab.
Bones – remove the meat if any seasoning was used and then take a hammer and smash the bone so it’s open and the marrow is exposed
Unsalted crackers
Plain cereal – no sugar added
Plain rice cakes
Eggs – raw is probably ok but will be super messy, better to go with scrambled
Egg shells – crushed to a fine powder this is a good source of calcium
Protein – unseasoned: fish, chicken, turkey, beef, pork, tofu
Sardines – look for natural with no additives