Ask Milo-Post Molt Shell Change

Stephanie asks:

I’ve had my hermit crabs for a few months and I have noticed a couple of things. One of my crabs molten but did not change shells, is that weird. Also, my crabs stopped moving around inside the tank. They never are active. What should I do?

Hi Stephanie!
It is a common misconception that hermit crabs must change shells when they molt. This is not true. Hermit crabs change shells when they decide it is time. A molt can trigger a shell change if the shell was very small fitting prior to molt. You can’t control when your little guys change shells so always have 4 or 5 empty shells per crab for them to choose from.

If your crabs are never active the first thing you should check is your temperature to make sure it is in within the ideal range of 72-82F. Also make sure your humidity is a proper levels. Hermit crabs are primarily nocturnal so they are the most active at night. It could be possible you aren’t awake to notice their movements.

Hope this helps!

Your friend in a pinch,