Ask Milo – I need some DIY hermit crab toys ideas

Anna asks:

I have been having some trouble finding a good way to make some fun toys that my hermit crabs would love. My Crabitait is plain With nothing for the hermit crabs to really do. I have some branches that they don’t like and a lego 2nd floor which they dont go on unless i put them on there(though they LOVE to hangout under it). Plus the toys at the pet store are to expinzie for my buget. I want them to love there cage. Do have any ideas for homemade toys that would make my hermit crabs have a better time in my cage and make it feel more homie?

Our members are very creative at making DIY toys and fun things for their crabitats. The best way to get ideas is to ask your question on our forums! Here is a tutorial on how to make your own mangrove tree. Here is another article on cost cutting tips for setting up your crabitat.

Happy DIY!

Your friend in a pinch,