Petstore Appeal Packet

hermit crab shopping list

Hermit crabs shopping list

The Land Hermit Crab Owners Society and the Crabstreet Journal encourage education before rescue. If petstores do not improve their hermit crab habitats more hermit crabs will die needlessly. Buying hermit crabs from poor conditions does not help the next batch of hermit crabs the store will order. Help us educate petstores about proper care for hermit crabs.

We have put together a letter of introduction, price list and shopping list for hermit crab owners to present or mail to petstore owners and managers. For more information on working with petstores check out Re-Educate before Rescue

The letter is a Word document that will allow you to type your name in before printing or emailing. Please do not alter the letter in any way.

When contacting a petstore please include all of the following:

Hermit Crab Petstore Appeal Letter 2SidedShoppingListforPetstores (This can be displayed right on the hermit crab enclosure in the store)

If the petstore owner or manager is interested in working with you, please make copies of this shopping list for hermit crab owners and leave them in the store to be provided to customers buying a hermit crab. You should also let them know that you will fill out a positive Petstore Report for their location.

If you enjoy this type of community outreach please consider applying to become a LHCOS Local Representative:

Local Rep Application

Having trouble convincing a store owner to improve conditions? Maybe your state’s Animal Cruelty Laws can help.