Pet Store Letter Writing Campaign

Pet Store Letter Writing Campaign

Pet Store Letter Writing Campaign!
Wait a minute Mr. Postman – Photo by Mary Milhorn

Our pet store letter writing campaign is a simple way you can advocate for the proper care of land hermit crabs in pet stores.

Pet Store Appeal Packet

In our Pet Store Appeal packet we have a pre written letter that anyone is free to use. It is a form letter that allows you to add your name, signature and contact info to make it more personalized. This is perfect for anyone who wants to work one on one with their local store to make improvements but needs some help opening the door. This letter comes with a special two sided caresheet that can be left at the store if they are open to it. Feel free to make as many copies as you want.


Letter Mailers

For those of you who want to help but don’t feel comfortable working one on one with a store, we can help! We are creating a team of letter mailers who will reach out to pet stores that we are notified about. Mailers will reach out either via email or snail mail.

Pet Store Report

If you are personally aware of a bad pet store we encourage you to fill out the Pet Store Report Form so that we can follow up with that store.

If you know of a store that is doing a great job, please fill out the Pet Store Report Form so that we can reach out and thank them. We will also invite them to apply for LHCOS Approved Store status. A great honor no doubt!! Not only that, but it may draw new customers to a Pet Store that has quality products, service and has shown that they care about the health and well being of  land hermit crabs 😀

Other ways you can help:

Send a letter yourself!

We have made our letters generic with our contact information on them. That means you can mail out the letter and caresheet and if the store is open to working with us, they will have our email address to reach out. You can remain anonymous.

If sending via snail mail feel free to use our return address:

The Crabstreet Journal

403 West Washington Street

Wayne City IL 62895

Spread the word!

Across all platforms (website and social media) all members can and should encourage other hermit crab owners to fill out our Pet Store Report Form. If you encounter someone posting about a bad pet store, definitely encourage them to fill out our form. Explain they only have to fill out the form and our team will take it from there and make contact with the store in an attempt to improve the situation.

Submit to the team!

Actively monitor Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ for pet stores that are advertising that they sell hermit crabs. Send the store name and location to the team via

A screenshot of the post itself would be so very helpful too! The team will take it from there.


We are actively looking for other mailers! If you are outside the U.S. and want to be a mailer for your location that would amazing!

Pet Store Report Form:

Customizable Letter:

Generic Letter