Sushi by Amber M.

Sushi by Amber M.


Dried green or red algae 3 sheets
Kombu (break into pieces or use scissors to chop) 3 medium pieces
Nori 3 sheets
Red cargo rice, or your favorite nutritionally dense organic rice or grain. 1/4 or 1/3 cup.
Freeze dried shrimp 2-3 tbsp
Dried salmon skin 3+ tbsp (do not sub, healthy fat is important!)
Dried salmon 2+ tbsp


Blend everything until desired constancy. I don’t like it totally powdered, it should still have a little texture so the crabs can get what they want, or eat the powdery bits. Their choice 🙂
Store in an airtight container, I prefer glass jars.

Does not require refrigeration. Can be frozen.

For an authentic meal, offer fresh cucumber, edamame, avocado and mango in the fresh food dish.

Submitted by Amber M.