Kidney shaped ceramic dishes

Zilla ceramic dishes

Zilla ceramic dishes

Product Name: Kidney Shape Ceramic Dishes

Product Manufacturer: Zilla

Where it was purchased: Reseller: NEHerp

When it was purchased: October 2016

Price: 2.49 small & 3.49 medium

Do you feel this product is a good value for the price: Yes

Would you recommend this time: Yes

Why or Why Not: I like idea of a ceramic dish for the ease of cleaning it after each use. Also ceramic does not tend to scratch like plastic dishes which could harbor bacteria even with the best of cleaning. I also like the shape of the dishes. You can place them together like a compartment style tray. No matter if you use one small and one medium size they work together. The depth also is just right I feel for supplying food to the crabs. I like the small size for supplements and the medium at 5 inches is just right for food in my crabitat. I have not been disappointed with them and the crabs have not knocked them over either.

Reviewer: Pam L