Wild Craft

Wild Craft

Wild Craft by Amber M.


“Wild Craft” all dried ingredients.
passion flower, nettle leaves, African honey bush, mushrooms, chamomile, oak leaves, maple leaves, raspberry leaves, rose, marigold, rose hips, black sesame, chia, flax, wakame (seaweed), coconut, hemp seeds.

About equal portions crumbled dried leaves, rose and marigold. A little less of the rest of the ingredients, except the seeds and rose hips. Put enough seeds that it is well distributed throughout, or to your liking.
No hard rule on quantities 🙂

Wild forage, clean, blanch and dehydrate yourself, our buy from a reputable source. This is a combo of purchased and foraged ingredients.



Crunch up all the leaves and flows into small bits and mix well. Chop the dried mushrooms and dried rose hips into small bits and mix in. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well in a big bowl.

This may be given in the food dish, or sprinkled around the tank to encourage natural foraging behaviour.

Additional info:

Does not require refrigeration

Can be frozen

Store in a cool dry location, out of the sun in an airtight glass jar.
If you make a giant batch, like me, you can freeze the extras. It will last a very long time in an airtight container though. Treat it like tea.

Can be purchased here: https://www.facebook.com/coenobitacanada/