Adoption Program Beta

Welcome to the Land Hermit Crab Owners Society beta test of our new hermit crab adoption program! We are hoping this process will be a little more efficient for everyone.  Our adoption program is open worldwide and we don’t exclude anyone simply for not being part of our Facebook group or a member of The Crabstreet Journal.  We will be keeping our adopters map because who doesn’t love a map!

We will be leaving the current set up in place while we test this set up.  If you are currently registered as an adopter it’s ok to sign up again through this method.

Placing hermit crabs for adoption:

Fill out this form:

We will do our best to find an adopter close to you but there is no guarantee.  Please note most adopters expect the adoption to be free.

To become a forever home adopter, a temporary foster home or a transport assistant for adoptions/rescues:

Fill out this form:

  • Adopter – All hermit crabs adopted will remain with me
  • Foster – Hermit crabs fostered by me will be kept with me until a forever home is located
  • Transport assistant – I am willing to drive to meet someone to pick up or deliver hermit crabs involved in an adoption or foster transaction.

We do require adopters to be at least 18 years old. Please use care and caution when arranging in person hand offs and make your own personal safety the top priority.