The Local Representatives program is officially international!!

Local Representative Indonesia

Local Representative Indonesia

There are no words to express how THRILLED I am to see that our mission of education is spreading. Sometime last year I was invited to join an Indonesian hermit crab group on Facebook. I selfishly wanted to not only see the photos of the gorgeous hermit crabs that are native but I wanted to see how they are kept as pets. Despite our language barrier our two groups quickly became friendly and intermingled. The members of the Kelomang Lovers Indonesia group were warm and welcoming and most of all quite curious about how we care for hermit crabs in North America.  We happily shared what we know and they embraced the new information.

Fast forward to today…

The LHCOS Local Representatives are quite joyfully announcing our FIRST Local Rep from Indonesia! Please join us in welcoming Andy Muliana from Jakarta!

Andy is a chef and owner of a small Korean restaurant called Uppa Bingsu in Jakarta. He has kept land hermit crabs as pets for about a year. Andy also manages his Indonesian local group gatherings in his restaurant (about 5 times so far). Andy also breeds isopods & springtails. He introduced them to the members of his group and also sells them as well. Andy is now making his own dried hermit crab food and shares it with his local members. Andy will soon sell his food locally.

Andy is working with the team to find local products that are hermit crab safe as it is difficult and expensive to ship items from the U.S. This will allow us to not only offer prizes to local contest winners but will be a reference for other hermit crab owners in his region.