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October 2017 Voting Polls


Be sure to vote in both contests!

Heather H 1 ( 2.5 % )
Evan M 3 ( 7.5 % )
Casey B 0 ( 0 % )
Tami J 0 ( 0 % )
Anna K 12 ( 30 % )
Andy 6 ( 15 % )
Jeanne S 6 ( 15 % )
Alicen H 7 ( 17.5 % )
Barbara G 2 ( 5 % )
Stacie S 3 ( 7.5 % )

See more crabitat photos here:

Tiffany C 3 ( 8.82 % )
Jeanne S 10 ( 29.41 % )
Milo 3 ( 8.82 % )
Heather H 9 ( 26.47 % )
Ian G 9 ( 26.47 % )

2017 Crab O’Lantern Vote


Voting ends at 8PM CST Halloween night!

See additional photos of each entry here:

2017 Crab O'Lantern Contest

Samantha B 1 ( 50 % )
Jeanne S 0 ( 0 % )
Ian G 0 ( 0 % )
Jesse L 1 ( 50 % )
Amber M View 1 0 ( 0 % )

Our exclusive Huggable Hermie is here!

Happy Sweet 16 CSJ!

We turned 16 last week, did you know? Crazy isn’t it!? October 17, 2001 The Crab Street Journal was born on the internet so this year we are celebrating our sweet 16. What better way to do that than with our very own exclusive Huggable Hermie!?

Mama Moose Creations partnered with us to create a one of a kind design to honor our birthday. The purchase price of this HH is $35 includes a $10 donation to CSJ. When you order you will receive exactly what you see pictured here. Your donation goes to help offset expenses incurred in running the website, promotion, contests, outreach and all the other things we do.

I do have 10 of these on hand right now for the pet expo next month in St Louis. What isn’t sold there will be available for sale or likely to win as a prize in an upcoming contest. If you simply can’t wait…and seriously why wait? Go now to Mama Moose Creations and order yours!


Local Rep Home Run

What else would you call it when  you add FOUR new Local Representatives to the team? Please don’t judge my love for my LRs based on the cleverness of my writing. 😀 Some days I’m less creative and I’ve put this post off too long already.

Let’s get to it and welcome four new wonderfully crabby people to our Local Representative team:

Anna K – Missouri

Ian G – Missouri

Ronda L – Utah

Yoa J – Indonesia

Painted Shell Donation Giveaway


Limited run enamel hermit crab lapel pin

Limited run enamel hermit crab lapel pin

Send us your empty painted hermit crab shells and you will be entered to win this limited run enamel hermit crab pin!

We are collecting painted shells for a display at the St Louis Pet Expo. The goal is to fill this wire cage:

Fill the wire cage with painted shells!

Use this form to enter the contest.
Live in the St Louis area? Visit our booth and bring your painted shells and not only will you be entered to win the pin but I will give you one free natural shell in exchange for the painted shells.

One entry per person
Enter by mail
Enter in person
No purchase required
Open to anyone
Mailed shells must be received by October 25, 2017 to be a valid contest entry.
The drawing for the pin will be held AFTER the St Louis Pet Expo 10/28/2017-10/29/2017.

Welcome new Local Representative Jeanne!

Another new addition!! Welcome Jeanne S. to the local reps program! Jeanne will be covering her region of West Virginia, USA. Jeanne joined our group and immediately fit right in. She is eager to help and usually one of the first to welcome a new member to the group. We are excited to have her on the team!

I asked Jeanne for a little introduction…

“My son wanted a pet in 1988 so my in-laws got us a hermit crab . Herman lived 3 months in a critter keeper I saved his shell . Still have it. Flash forward to 2005, a friend went to Florida and brought me back two hermit crabs . This time I searched the internet and they did ok but ran away. I tried again in 2006 – 2007 this time my crabs did well with a sealed lid and a bubbler for their water and 3 inches of pink play sand, poor crabs. In 2016 I was worried about my last 2 crabs now 9 years with me and found LHCOS .My crabs have never been so happy and I love this group. I now have 3 tanks and 15 crabs mostly gifts and rescues.”

Marine Hermit Crab

Did you accidentally bring home a land hermit crab or a marine hermit crab?

We often find people searching our site for care information on what are actually marine hermit crabs and not land hermit crabs.

We are a group dedicated to the care of land hermit crabs and provide no care information on marine crabs. Their needs are drastically different from a marine hermit crab and we are not able to provide assistance beyond what is in this file.

Please note: In most areas of the U.S. it is ILLEGAL to collect wild life without a proper permit.

Land hermit crab C. clypeatus Photo credit: Mike Vukoder

Land hermit crab C. clypeatus Photo credit: Mike Vukoder

Thin stripe marine hermit crab Photo credit Cheryl @:

Thin stripe marine hermit crab Photo credit Cheryl @:

Shown here you can see they are significantly different.

Where did you find it?

Marine hermit crabs are found at the waterline or in tide pools, land hermit crabs are usually found on dry land and further away from the waterline.

Only one species of land hermit crab is native to the U.S. and they are ONLY found in Florida. Any other hermit crab you find in the wild is a marine hermit crab.

You must act quickly!

Marine hermit crabs require a saltwater aquarium setup. They can only live a couple days outside of the saltwater and need to be returned to the ocean immediately.

If you are not able to return the crabs to where you found them you may be able to find a local fish store that is willing to take them.

We do have a rescue in Florida who is willing to return marine hermit crabs to the ocean if they are shipped overnight.

If you choose to keep them you must act fast to setup the proper environment.

This site should help:

Volunteers Needed – Miss Crustacean Pageant 2017

Volunteers needed August 16, 2017 in Ocean City, New Jersey to assist Local Representative Beth Carducci in handing out hermit crab caresheets. There has been talk of ending the pageant after this year. If that is the case we will shift our focus to another similar event.

Pageant details:

Facebook Event

Thousands of hermit crabs are doomed to death in the boardwalk shops, we want to help as many as we can survive after they are taken home.

If you aware of an event involving hermit crab racing, pageants or carnival giveaway please email us at crabstreetjournal at


The boardwalk giftshops are a hermit crab house of horrors. They clearly care more about the plastic, overpriced garbage than the living animal which is why the crab is free or super cheap. This needs to be stopped.

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Have you ever wondered how they get the hermit crabs into the painted shells? It’s not nice.

Photo Credit: Beth Carducci and Mary Milhorn

Coral’s Color Boosting Crunchies

Coral's Color Boosting Crunchies

Coral’s Color Boosting Crunchies

1.5 cups organic yellow cornmeal (I used Bob’s Red mill)

1 cup packed, freshly ground coconut

1 large very ripe (brown) banana

1 package very ripe strawberries (pint)

1 cup or so sunflower seeds

1.5 cups whole, with shell, dried river shrimp (I used brand)

2 tbsp beet root powder

2 tbsp carrot root powder

1 tbsp chlorella powder

1 tsp powdered nutra Rose or 2 teaspoons liquid nutra Rose

1 cup dried apple ribbons

Soak/cook the cornmeal with treated hot water as per the cooking instructions.
Blend the strawberries and banana together and mix with the cornmeal after it cools a little. Mix in the coconut, carrot, beet root, chlorella and nutra rose. Spread mixture onto non stick tray liners or parchment paper and dehydrate at 135° f until crispy and crumbly all the way through. It should crumble easily into your hands. Grind up half of it along with the sunflower seeds (together in the grinder, you don’t want the seeds turning into nut butter) crumble the other half by hand, leaving crunchy texture. Pulse the shrimp until about half ground and mix it in. Crunch up the dried apple ribbons into small pieces and mix in.



This makes a lot. You can keep it out for a while, but since it’s so much, freeze half. The oils in the nuts and coconut will eventually go bad, just like any other nuts and seeds. Best stored in an airtight glass jar in a dark cabinet.
You can sub fresh beet or carrot juice for the powder, simply mix it in with the water and add less water. Or mix in a little mashed, cooked, carrots and beets. Just a little, maybe a 1/4 cup.
You can sub spirulina for the chlorella.
You can sub any nuts or seeds for the sunflower. Pumpkin would be great!
You can sub whatever berries you have on hand for the strawberry, but make sure they see nice and ripe!
Do not sub out the whole river shrimp for a kind with no shells. The shells contain color boosters. The freeze dried ones sometimes don’t have shells.

Does not require refrigeration

Can be frozen


Submitted by Amber Miner

Local Reps European Invasion – Hungary!

Local Representative – Hungary

That’s right, HUNGARY! We have our first European Local Representative joining us.  Please welcome Veronika Barany Berthane to the team!

This mother of two became the owner of a couple hermit crabs when a friend of her child no longer wanted them. With a little bit of searching she found our Facebook group. After joining our group and learning all she could about hermit crab care she decided to help others in her region by translating our care practices and establishing a hermit crab care blog and a Facebook group in Hungarian. Veronika also posts pictures of her hermit crabs babies on Instagram. 


From Veronika:

I couldn’t have asked for a better care group, there was so much information to process, I had an endless list of questions. The admins and the group members helped me so much, answered my million questions, gave me lists, helped me correct my mistakes. It’s an awesome group. I’d like to give back by helping others who would like to keep land hermit crabs. I made a small group in Hungarian, a blog about them with a link to my instagram where I have pictures of my crabbies.

Hungarian land hermit crab care group on Facebook:

Hungarian land hermit crab care blog:

Veronika on Instagram