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2018 June Contest Voting Polls

Please vote ONE time in both contests.

Due to the photos being different dimensions it’s challenging to get them to show up without distortion. For best viewing click the links provided below to view the original photos.

To view more photos for each of the Crabitat of the Month entries click here.

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Evan 1 ( 2.38 % )
Devon 1 ( 2.38 % )
Tricia 2 ( 4.76 % )
Stacie 4 ( 9.52 % )
Moa 7 ( 16.67 % )
Jessie 1 ( 2.38 % )
Desiree 0 ( 0 % )
Sara 4 ( 9.52 % )
Amber 22 ( 52.38 % )

Original photos of Calendar Crabs are here.

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Kate 8 ( 24.24 % )
Katrina 2 ( 6.06 % )
Cindy 23 ( 69.7 % )

Two more Local Reps join our team!

We are so excited to announce two brand new additions to our growing Local Rep Family!


First let’s meet Trevoria F. she joins us from Washington. That means if you live in Washington, she is your local rep and can provide information about resources in your area in addition to trustworthy hermit crab care advice.

“My first experience with hermit crabs was in the early 90s, when I won 3 of them (Bobby, Peter, and Greg) at the state fair. Fast forward to early 2017, when I decided to get a “small simple pet” to keep on my desk at work. Bought a crab (an E who I named Bella because I think she’s beautiful) and a 5 gallon tank. The next day I went online. WOW! There is so much more knowledge available today then there was back in 1991! So… as I’m sure you can guess, I went and bought a bigger tank and another E (Thuggy Blue *RIP*), and the CORRECT supplies, etc. They never did make it to the office. Instead their crabitat is right next to my bed, so it’s easy to enjoy their shenanigans.”

Next is Jessie L. from Utah. That means if you live in Utah, she is your local rep and can provide information about resources in your area in addition to trustworthy hermit crab care advice.

“I became interested in crabs after we bought our first pair last year. I learned a ton about them from the group. I want to be a LR to educate others on the proper care for the little scuttle buddies. I’m teaching myself Linux, Python, and coding so I can build my own retro gaming machine.”


Welcome to the team!

Correction: Feeding Guide

Please be advised that there is an error on the printable feeding guide. The version on the website has been updated. Please update your copy. REMOVE CANOLA OIL.  Canola oil is not safe.  We apologize for the error.

Humane euthanasia for hermit crabs



There may come a time when you find it necessary to euthanize your hermit crab to end it’s suffering. I’m providing the information that I found to be reliable.

Please ensure that you are not confusing a surface molt with death.

FAQ-Are there other pets that can live with hermit crabs?

In 2009 we introduced isopods to our crabitats.

In 2009 we introduced isopods to our crabitats.

The list of critters that can safely exist with hermit crabs is fairly short.


Isopods – beneficial tank cleaners
Springtails – beneficial tank cleaners
Food/soil mites – harmless


Fiddler Crabs/Halloween Crabs – aggressive diggers and are likely to eat molting hermit crabs.

Fiddler and Halloween crabs are aggressive diggers

Earth worms, beetles, centipedes, crickets, praying mantis, roaches: May stress each other, over populate, disrupt/harm/ kill/ eat molters. Crabs may harm /kill them. May carry/spread disease/parasites, especially with over population.

Centipedes – venomous
Millipedes – poisonous 

Snails – Hermit crabs can kill snails

Frogs/Lizards – could harm each other, different habitat needs

Fish – inappropriate water for a fish

How about a new Local Rep to ring in the new year?

CSJ and LHCOS is thrilled to welcome Stephanie B. to our Local Representatives team!

Stephanie will be a Local Rep for upstate New York.

About Stephanie:

A little bit about me: I live in upstate New York-at the tippy top in the Adirondack region. I’m a mother of two humans, eight hermit crabs, one betta fish, soon to be one bearded dragon, and one husband. I enjoy naps, reading, and relaxing hot baths-all of which rarely happen because I have two humans children, eight hermit crabs, one betta fish, and a husband.

Like a few members here, I became a hermit crab owner/enthusiasts through my children, and very quickly fell in love and became a little obsessed. My sister gifted us two hermit crabs she no longer wanted, and when they arrived in purple sand I began my research. I read countless hours of information on Google and ended up more confused than ever, until I stumbled upon CSJ on instagram. I dove into the website and then linked up with LHCOS on Facebook. Through this group I have gained so much knowledge, and experience, and amazing advice and comfort when I felt like I was completely failing at this crab mom thing. I’ve made amazing friendships and am blown away by the community surrounding these tiny creatures. One of my favorite things about keeping crabs is the never ending knowledge. We’re all constantly learning as new research is done.

October 2017 Voting Polls


Be sure to vote in both contests!

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Heather H 2 ( 4.26 % )
Evan M 3 ( 6.38 % )
Casey B 2 ( 4.26 % )
Tami J 0 ( 0 % )
Anna K 13 ( 27.66 % )
Andy 6 ( 12.77 % )
Jeanne S 6 ( 12.77 % )
Alicen H 9 ( 19.15 % )
Barbara G 3 ( 6.38 % )
Stacie S 3 ( 6.38 % )

See more crabitat photos here:

Coming Soon
Tiffany C 3 ( 7.89 % )
Jeanne S 10 ( 26.32 % )
Milo 3 ( 7.89 % )
Heather H 11 ( 28.95 % )
Ian G 11 ( 28.95 % )

2017 Crab O’Lantern Vote


Voting ends at 8PM CST Halloween night!

See additional photos of each entry here:

2017 Crab O'Lantern Contest

Coming Soon
Samantha B 2 ( 33.33 % )
Jeanne S 0 ( 0 % )
Ian G 1 ( 16.67 % )
Jesse L 3 ( 50 % )
Amber M View 1 0 ( 0 % )

Our exclusive Huggable Hermie is here!

Happy Sweet 16 CSJ!

We turned 16 last week, did you know? Crazy isn’t it!? October 17, 2001 The Crab Street Journal was born on the internet so this year we are celebrating our sweet 16. What better way to do that than with our very own exclusive Huggable Hermie!?

Mama Moose Creations partnered with us to create a one of a kind design to honor our birthday. The purchase price of this HH is $35 includes a $10 donation to CSJ. When you order you will receive exactly what you see pictured here. Your donation goes to help offset expenses incurred in running the website, promotion, contests, outreach and all the other things we do.

I do have 10 of these on hand right now for the pet expo next month in St Louis. What isn’t sold there will be available for sale or likely to win as a prize in an upcoming contest. If you simply can’t wait…and seriously why wait? Go now to Mama Moose Creations and order yours!


Local Rep Home Run

What else would you call it when  you add FOUR new Local Representatives to the team? Please don’t judge my love for my LRs based on the cleverness of my writing. 😀 Some days I’m less creative and I’ve put this post off too long already.

Let’s get to it and welcome four new wonderfully crabby people to our Local Representative team:

Anna K – Missouri

Ian G – Missouri

Ronda L – Utah

Yoa J – Indonesia