I love the Crabstreet Journal website! I own 3 purple pincher hermit crabs (Brigadier, Lola, and Harley) and the site offers so much great advice for people like me! There are always a bunch of fun giveaways, contests, and other activities going on, and I love meeting new crabbers through the Crabstreet Journal website. Submitted September 5, 2016Read More →

This website for hermit crabs simply helped me to know anything and everything there is to know about hermit crabs. Almost any questions I could ever possibly ponder over can be answered by this site. Thank you guys! You are the best! Submitted August 22, 2016Read More →

The Crabstreet Journal is a wonderful source of information for improving care of your crabs. Many times I have come to the site to look for information on how to improve the care of my crabs and ways to enrich their environment. I love the fact that there is information on the different species as well since I have seven different species. I also love the fact that there is a place for us to share recipes and try new ones. It’s always fun trying something knew with these guys. Love the site and will continue to go to it many more times even ifRead More →