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Going Natural Beginner’s List

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Going Natural Beginner’s Food List for Hermit Crabs

If you are limited to what organics you can find or afford check out this list of foods that are safe to buy non-organic and foods that you should always buy organic: Dirty Dozen Food List

written by Kerie Campbell

If you’ve decided to get rid of commercial diet completely, and go natural, here is a list of the recommended human-grade beginner foods. These are the highest in nutrition and will make a good base for adding fresh fruit, vegetables and meat too.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (olive oil will do in a pinch) for cooking eggs, etc.
Hemp seed meal (very high in HUFAs, and extremely nutritious)
Spirulina (if you can get only one algae product, this alone can just about
replace commercial diet)
Rooibos (high in many nutrients, and vitamin C)
Pure, unprocessed, local honey
Dandelion leaf and root
Flax seed or seed meal
Red raspberry leaf

Add a couple of the following dried flowers or flower products:

rose hips and petals

Add some dried fruit (unsweetened and free of sulphur dioxide or other additives):


If there is still room for more purchases, here is the list I recommend you choose from:
amaranth or quinoa
almonds or walnuts
raw pumpkin or sunflower seed
blue corn meal
kelp powder
wheat germ
chlorella or blue-green algae

The more variety you can provide your crabs, the better they will eat. This list represents the most nutritious foods on the main Epicurean Hermit food list. They will have the highest impact when mixed and offered with fresh foods, and will provide an excellent base for creating homemade crab food.

We highly recommend keeping worm castings and greensand on hand and in your tank daily. Both are highly nutritious and are loved by hermit crabs.

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shelled hempseed

shelled hempseed

Hermit Crab Food Recipes

Unfortunately I have no indications as to who may have created this list though I suspect the list came from Kerie Campbell. I know there are

Dry Food Dish

Hermit crab food recipes

endless food ideas but these may help get you started.

Fruity Fish & Flowers II

dried calendula (about 2 tsp.)
dried chamomile (about 1 tsp.)
coconut chunk
large papaya chunk
pink flame rose bud

Kibble and place in the serving dish.

Air-pop about 1 Tbl. amaranth
shred some dulse
1 Tbl. Flott tuna
1 tsp rolled oats
large pinch dandelion root
large pinch dried dandelion leaf.

Kibble and place on top of the fruit dish, sort of a reverse-chutney.

Star Fruit Surprise

Part One: Fruit Salad

1 Tbl. dried pumpkin seed
1 chunk skin-on red delicious apple
6-8 raisins
chunk of old banana
lg. pinch of dried calendula
1 tsp. red clover seed
1 tsp. dried hibiscus flowers
5 sunflower sprouts
1 tsp honey

Kibble, garnish with slice of starfruit.

Part Two: Crunchy Eggs Variant


1/2 eggshell
2 baby carrots
several 1 inch squares of dried nori
1 tsp. hempseed

Cook lightly in coconut oil over low heat until carrot starts to
soften. Add beaten egg and cook gently until just set.

Put in bowl next to Starfruit Surprise, garnish all with some
popcorn popped in coconut oil. Serve!

Copepod Quiche

Preheat oven to 425.

3-4 amaranth graham crackers
1 tsp. melted coconut oil
1-2 tsp. soymilk

Mix well until soggy but still firm. Press into a ceramic serving
dish. I use the Petco ones — you can see them in several of the
pictures in the photo album, approx. 3 inches in diameter and half an
inch deep.

Bake for about 5 minutes, until crust is firming up.

1 egg (discard half to two thirds of the white)
2 tsp. soy milk
pinch of Esprit du Sel (mortared & pestled)
1 heaping teaspoon dried copepods
1/2 tsp. kelp powder
crushed dried jasmine flowers (about 6)
1/2 tsp. rooibos

Mix well, pour into crust. Bake about 8 minutes — it will puff up in
the middle when done — don’t leave it a second longer!

Cut into wedges for number of servings needed. This recipe is

Garnish with 1/2 eggshell and sunflower sprouts.

Lazy Kibble (because I am so tired from my long weekend with Cheyenne I couldn’t be bothered thinking ahead…)

Yesterday’s persimmon slice (nicely leathery by now)
1 Tbl. wheat germ
1 Tbl. sunflower seeds
small mangrove rootlet

Krill Kibble with Chicken Marrow

8-10 thawed krill
coconut chunk
4-6 small blueberries
1 blackberry
1 tsp. dried bladderwrack
1 amaranth graham cracker

Garnish with dried persimmon slice and a smashed open chicken leg bone.

Crabby Joes Mach II

1 Eden Nori-Maki rice cracker
1 coconut chunk
2 cooked clams
3 thawed orange rose petals
3 blueberries
1 tsp. reconstituted arame (sea vegetable)
largish chunk of Semifreddi’s Challah
1 tsp. sunflower seed
1 Krill oil capsule, squeezed out

Weedfish Salad

1 tsp. Flott tuna
3 wilted dandelion heads
1 Tbl. wheat germ
coconut chunk
1/2 orange rosebud

Kibble, garnish with small wedge from extremely old orange, and


small mangrove root ball
1 banana chunk (going black)
1 old chunk of kiwi
1 dried bosc pear slice
1 Tbl. hempseed meal

Fruity Fish and Flowers

In the morning, heat 1/3 cup of coconut milk until hot in microwave
(about 45 seconds at 1100 watts).

Add 2-3 Tbl. barley, and soak all day long.

(In the evening) Kibble together with:

large papaya chunk
coconut chunk
dried persimmon slice
wilted red nasturtium blossom
4 wilted jasmine blossoms
1 pink/red rose bud
1 tsp. chlorella
large pinch red raspberry leaf

Top with thawed silversides, sprinkle with gomasio (sesame seed with
seasalt) and serve!

No name
1 steamed mussel
1 slice blood orange
1 slice uncooked winter squash w/ seeds
1 slice really old kiwi
overblown pink rose

Tonight’s kibble consists of

1 (thawed) yellow rose bud
4 (thawed) krill
3 blueberries
1 raspberry
1 Tbl. rolled oats
1 Tbl. pumpkin seed
1 tsp. kelp powder
1 tsp. honey
banana chunk
1/2 Wasa rolled oats crispbread, broken into bits with mortar and
pestle and soaked in coconut milk for five minutes
1 Tbl. coconut milk


1/2 brown egg shell
2 tsp. Flott tuna
1 large fresh coconut chunk
1 tsp. flaxseed meal
1/2 tsp. four algae powder
1 tsp. bee pollen
1 tsp. rooibus

Mix with raw egg, cook until barely set in coconut oil over very low heat.