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Darcy’s AVID School Tank
Belton, TX

120 gallon tall

2.5 gallon filtered fresh water and salt water pools with rock wall ramps

5:1 play sand:Ecoearth @ 11 inches deep

Cholla wood, cork bark, oak tree limb, bendy vine, grapewood climbing branch, silk cactus plant, hanging silk vines, silk flowers, moss, lichens, hemp climbing wall with attached lounger, hemp net swing with play toys, wood/twine bridges, hamster wheel, 2 coconut huts, Mary Akers hide, large corner shell shop.

Worm castings, oyster shell, lobster shell, green sand, leaf litter, dry foods from CSJ, Just 2 old crabs, Riley’s cafe and fresh foods from my kitchen daily.

This was a new build after getting an ant infestation, everything is new.

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