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Location: Coal Township, Pennsylvania
Dimensions of Crabitat: 48″L X 18″W X 21″T
Volume of Crabitat: 75 Gallon
Substrate: Eco Earth & Playsand various consistency approximately 9″deep
Tank Items: 2.5 gallon fresh and salt water filtered and cycled pools, UVB bulb lighting on one side, custom plexiglass lid with hole to allow UV ray into the tank, Egg Crate backdrop with shelf and fish netting, UTH on back and left side of tank, Rear UTH hooked through a regulator, Lighting on timer.
Comments:This is my 2019 Craboween set up. Skulls, Coffins, and calcium Cauldron are by Exo Terra, Various shades of Halloween aquarium plants, I scratch built the haunted house/cabin out of egg crate and oak bark as a hide. “BEWARE” lighting on for taking pictures only!

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