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Christi Derrick

122 gallon tank. Filtered 2.5 gallon salt and fresh water pools with wading place made from black lava rock, river rock and seashells. Bottom of pools are crushed seashells. All ladders from Mary Akers. Oak and Maple branches covered in lichens used with large one suspended. Large rock formation cut to size for tank, made from resin. Cocohuts siliconed together. “Pier” made from cork round sitting on top of cholla wood, siliconed, with shark sponge holder for hide. Terra cotta pots stacked on side with terra cotta calcium dish velcroed to top. Spice rack used as shell shop with ladder. Center is Cholla, Maple, faux greenery, shell, amethyst. Temp gauge is attached to cholla at this time. Picture in calcium dish was a temporary spot while working on tank. Heat/humidity hovers 77-82. Sand is mix of playsand and EE. Heat covers from sub line to top of tank as required.

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