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Midwest City, OK
Crabitat size: 48in L x 21in H
55 gallon
Playsand and Eco Earth 5:1 Ratio
2 coconut hits, Tree stump cave, Crab saucer wheel, Foraging dish (top left) with the Cholla for ladder, Shell shop (top right), Freshwater pool (left), Saltwater pool (right), lots of greenery for natural look.

So, I was having humidity issues with my old pools a few days ago. I put these pools back in with new PennPlax filters in each (amazing!!) The pools were upgraded with some rock climbing walls (inside and outside on a small space), new rock ladders, colorful plants inside, and some craft mesh inside on the wall. Ever since the pool swap and new filters my humidity has been PERFECT with the lid tightly closed (was having to vent the lid almost every day, so annoying) loving my mew upgrades!

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