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Location: New Hampton, NY
Dimensions of Crabitat: 30 1/4 (hight)x 12 1/2 (width) x 18 3/4 (length)
Volume of Crabitat: 29gal
Description of Substrate: 150lbs play sand & 1.5bricks of EE
Description of Tank Items: green climbing plastic mesh, 1 salt water bowl, 1 fresh water bowl, 1 hut, 1 cave, 2 food dishes, 1 shell dish, 1 moss pit, heater and hydrometer/thermometer, LED rope lights
Comments: My tank is small but my family loves it. I recently added the moss pit, upgraded my hydrometer/thermometer, fixed the sand/EE mixture and went from a fish tank type light to an LED rope light.

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