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Here is our entry for the February 2020 Crabitat of the Month. This is our most recent Crabitat build.
Features include:
Tank size: 65 Gallon 36 X 18 X 25
Heat: 11 X 35 (rear), 11 X 11 (side) Ultratherms insulated with Reflectix. Rear UTH controlled by thermostat
Substrate: Approximately mixed to 5:1 ratio, Roughly 11-12″ deep
Features: Custom background made of egg crate, crafting mesh with two second levels for food dishes, two exercise wheels, decorated with various plastic plants and cholla wood. Custom decorated flower pot as a hide, decorated hanging dome for leaf litter,and several handmade jute ropes, and jute covered tension rods for additional climbing.
It also features a moss pit, and two resin log hides.
Pools: Fresh and Salt water pools doubled approximately 3 cups each. No bubblers.
Crabs: 8 total Small to medium size 4 purple pincers and 4 E’s

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