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Pam Liberatore
Glenshaw PA

Here are a few pictures of my new crab tank. It is a 20 gallon high tank, 24x12x16. I am using coconut fiber and play sand. I found the sakrete play sand the cleanness play sand. I have a large piece of choa wood, cork bark and hemp nets for them to climb. I also have a shell shop in the back of the tank. I a moss pit I made from a tooth brush and cup holder I found at the local dollar store, also in the back corner on the right I cave a terra cotta pot for hiding. On the left under the moss pit I have a plastic drawer container for them to climb on. I have one regular water dish and one instant ocean water dish with plastic craft attached for them to climb in and out. I also have a uth attached to the back to the right side of the tank, it is an ULtratherm brand. I have it secured and insulated with aluminium tape, foil and styrofoam. I have a Zoo Med hermit crab dish for feeding. So this is my tank it has been up a little over a month. I hope to grow to a larger one some day. By the way that is tank at the food dish, everyone else was hiding. I have a total of 4 crabs, Tank, Crabby, Tweety and Dumbledore.

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