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Anne Grady

Anne Grady
email: dragonfly1233@yahoo.com
Seven Springs, North Carolina
Main Tank is 48″ X 21″ X 12″ – 55 gallons
Topper is 20″ X 17″ x 12″ – 10 gallons

I have used cholla wood, plastic plants and vines (help up with suction cups) a large driftwood piece and several WalMart soap dishes as sleeping places. I cover the sleeping places with vines so they think they are hiding. I have a large repti rock type pool for fresh water, about 2 to 3 inches deep and a quart size plastic dish for the salt water, about the same depth. I have recently added an aqua rock for humidity and just added, but not in these pics, I have bubblers in both. I’m truly not sure if the aqua rock helps, but about a half cup of water, or more evaporates every day, so it must. I have moss pits hidden behind plants in both end of the tank and the large dish in the topper is also moss lined. Mostly the topper is a big shell shop.

To make the topper I replaced the lid on half of the tank with plexi glass and cut a hole 4″ X 16″ through it. I broke out the bottom of the 10 gallon tank (getting ALL the glass out of the frame took a lot of time). It is not attached, I just pick it up and set it aside when I want access to that side of the main tank. I have 3 or 4 crabs that seem to hang out there more than anywhere. The picture of Justin on the ladder was taken just an hour or so after I put it in place. Justin always wants to get the the highest places first.

The smaller repti rock dish in the front was a water dish, but now I use it for food. I have crabs from an 1 1/2″ shell to not much bigger than a dime.

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