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Amber Miner

Name: Amber Miner
Email: aminer@saffronindia.com
Year of Birth: 1982
Location: Port Moody, B.C. Canada
Dimensions of Crabitat: 48inches, 13inches, 20(18?) inches
Volume of Crabitat: 50 or 55 gallon (It had two labels)
Description of Substrate: Playsand and plantation soil (coco)
Description of Tank Items: All usuable wall space is lined with plant tiles (plastic and weather resistant) and/or vines for climbing. Large custom crochet hemp hammock with trap door and bridge/ladder, many pieces of driftwood from large to small for climbing and hiding under. Natural leaf litter and branches including maple, oak, willow. Live growing sphagnum moss to help with humidity, snacking and hiding under. Sloping terrain with hills (highest side is about 10 or more inches deep) making its way down to a shell lined beach with both fresh and salt water pools made from square glass mini pyrex dishes about 2.5 or 3 inches deep. In the pools are a variety of natural rocks and crystals from my personal collection as well as small shells for traction. Deep end/ shallow end, trailing vines into the pools from the climbing wall behind and across to the beach area for the little dudes. Double hood with two sets of full spectrum lights on individual switches for more or less light. Two large side mounted heaters so that I can have one or both on depending on the temp needs and a small one that is not mounted that I move around from time to time against the sub just to keep the sub from getting really cold (doesn’t really affect the air temp). Oh, and of course lots of shells in all sizes. Oh, and a live, crab safe, bromiliad plant that is planted in a large shell so that it is movable. The small and medium guys love it πŸ™‚
Comments: I just took down my 30 gallon with custom topper and set this one up. It has lots of floor space. I may put a topper later. This is the third major upgrade I have done this year! πŸ˜›

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