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Marnel Rodriguez

Name: Marnel Rodriguez

Email: whofeih@gmail.com

Year of Birth: 1987

Location: Surrey BC, Canada

Dimensions of Crabitat: MAIN TANK : 48″ x 18″ x 24″
TOPPER : 36″ x 17″ x 18″

Volume of Crabitat: MAIN TANK : 70 Gallon
TOPPER : 40 Gallon

Description of Substrate: Eco Earth and Play Sand Mix

Description of Tank Items: Big Saltwater pool, Cork Tiles on the topper, hemp nets, 2 big moss pits and 3 smaller ones, 4 coco hut hideys, branches covered with nets for climbing, Big hammock on the topper with moss, Live tropical plants, smaller saltwater pool for drinking, freshwater pool for drinking, 2 shell shops ( 1 for small and medium shells and 1 for large and jumbo shells), 4 food dishes ( 2 on the topper and 2 on the main tank below), 48″ heat pad, 1 heat bulb, 36″ fluorescent lamp. I also have Arm and Hammer Odor Eliminator which is out of reach of the crabs.

Comments: I seldom touch my hermits, I just let them in the tank, I just like watching them. I seldom spray or mist the tank. What I do is just water the plants twice or once a weak and the heat pad does the work to maintain humidity in the tank. I just rescued 5 straws from a pet shop with horrible setup, but prior to their rescue, I’ve been planning to get straws that’s why I made sure my tank is very stable and optimized for straws. My substrate is 10″ high. I also have plastic mesh wire attached to the walls of the main tank.

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