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Name: Rachel L.
Email: rml6f4@mst.edu
Year of Birth: 1991
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Dimensions of Crabitat: ( eg. 49 in by 19 in (base) by 26 in (height)
Volume of Crabitat: 90 Gallons
Description of Substrate: Moist playsand and coconut fiber
Description of Tank Items: Fake plants, cork log pieces, oak branches, fake coral, net for shell shop, DIY saltwater pool, two mosspits, UVB lighting, ~9 inches of substrate, fake rock pool
Comments: New to the forums so let me know if I did this incorrectly! This tank contains purple pinchers, Strawberries, and Ecuadorians. Temperature and humidity are monitored by a hygrotherm. An Ultratherm heat pad covers the entire back of the tank above the substrate.

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