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Amber Miner

Name: Amber Miner
Email: aminer@saffronindia.com
Year of Birth: 1982
Location: Vanvouver, B.C. Canada
Dimensions of Crabitat: 4 ft
Volume of Crabitat: 55 gallon
Description of Substrate: Playsand with ee for main substrate. I have a beach area that has coconut chunks and crushed shells and small rocks next to my pools to help keep the pools clean, as well as under the shells. I also have tons of moss and various leaf litter on top and mixed in.
Description of Tank Items: 3 large drift wood, several cork bark, Magnetic “Rock Cave”, corner cork round and moss cave (a favorite spot!), coconut halves and bridge, hand crocheted and designed hemp hammock with bridge/ladder option and trap door, 3 varieties of “Plant tiles” covering the walls, 4 varieties of vines. 2 large deep heated pools with bubblers and an “overflow catch area”, 2 hoods with full spectrum lights and an additional UVB 100 light for supplemental light. Oh, and a few live plants 🙂
Comments: This is the new re-do after taking my topper off due to mold. That tank will be cleaned and set up next to this one later.