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Dori Hinkelmann

Dori Hinkelmann
Wisconsin, USA
40Gal Breeder
Play sand & Eco Earth
My crabitat consists of: Aquarium Coral Rock, Crabby Cave, Homemade Hammock w/ ladder (Jute cord)…Homemade Crawling net (Jute cord)…Homemade Bridge (Jute cord), 1gal Glass pickle jar w/sand base (Shell shop), 2-1gal Clear plastic fish tank (1 fresh & 1 sea water) pools w/rock/pebble base, assorted Sea shells for food, 2 clear plastic suction cup soap dishes for dry food and treats, 3 hardwood driftwood for climbing under/over/around, assorted plastic plants, Stone dish moss pit…
In the past month I have upgraded the crabitat from a 30gal bow front…added the 2 1gal pools…added all the homemade jute hammock w/ladder, bridge, and climbing net…added the gal glass pickle jar shell shop from the shells just laying on the substrate…added the sea shell food dishes…added some like new plastic plants…overall I reorganized and reestablished the crabitat to make it much more PP friendly than my previous tank…I’m heating the tank with a heat lamp offset and made a cover for the tank until I can purchase a lid to keep in humidity…my most recent add was about 30 Rollie Pollies that I harvested in my backyard…