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Maxwell Isenberg

Name: Maxwell Isenberg
Email: wingramax.mi@gmail.com
Year of Birth: 2001
Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Dimensions of Crabitat: 30 High (at highest point), 18 wide , 36 long.
Volume of Crabitat: 40 Gallon Breeder + 10 gallon topper
Description of Substrate: Play sand and eco earth
Description of Tank Items: I have a recirculating waterfall, deep saltwater dish, natural pond, an aerator to oxygenate the pools, TONS of sphagnum moss, 3 shell shops, mangrove roots everywhere, Isopods, and a 4″ tall drainage layer.
Comments: I have a drainage layer on the bottom that feeds a recirculating waterfall that flows into a pond. The pond acts as their freshwater dish. My tank sits at 80F and 80% with higher and lower spots throughout. I have 10 hermit crabs in this tank that totals 50 gallons. I have a Periscope on how I made this tank. You can watch it here: click here

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