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LC Tucker

Hello, Anne! Thanks for the welcome! <grin>
Well,I’m now the caretaker of 6 E’s and 1 PP. (I was hoping to get at least two of each species but unfortunately the Petsmart had sold their last PPs literally hours before I arrived.) Ah, well. Just means I’ll have to keep looking at more hermies. <grin>
I got everyone home okay and the crabitat has been stable in temp & humidity for a few days now. I’ve seen 2 shell changes, and know about a third because I found the painted “owl” shell the next morning. I’ve seen everyone come out to drink and eat – including my shy PP who otherwise has stayed buried in the moss pit all the time! <grin>
So good, so far then.,
I’m planning this weekend to start slowly building up the substrate to the recommended full height,and hopefully everyone will continue to do well. <crosses fingers>
I’ve only taken one pic of one of my E’s, and it was in the Petco habitat right before I purchased them. I’m nicknamed this one “Little Bit” (and I’m waiting to give them all “proper” names after I’ve had them for a full month.)
Cheers! Elsie