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Marnel Rodriguez

Name: Marnel Rodriguez
email: whofeih@gmail.com
Year of Birth: 1987
Location: Surrey, BC Canada
Volume of Crabitat: 270g
Dimension of Crabitat: 111″ L x 19″ W x 53″ H (topper)
Description of Substrate: Pure silica sand on the right side of the tank, which is the beach part where the saltwater pool is. Silica sand + eco earth on the right, where the freshwater pool is.
Description of Tank Items: Tons of cork barks, live plants by the pool, 2 shell shops (above the saltwater pool and freshwater pool to maximize space), topper that has tons of hiding space behind cork barks siliconed on the glass wall, 11 coco hideys.
Comments: I have live plants in the tank 🙂 and the picture will tell it all.

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