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Jen Williams

Name: Jen Williams
Email: tangle.elf@gmail.com
Year of Birth: 1976
Location: Mississippi, USA
Dimensions of Crabitat:
Volume of Crabitat: 60 gal
Description of Substrate: play sand, coconut coir & worm casings
Description of Tank Items: burlap for climbing, ladders, coconut hides, other hides, silk vines, 2 shell shops, salt and fresh water pools with bubblers.
Comments: I recently moved the crabmeat from the bedroom to the living room. When I did I added the burlap for climbing and to hide the heaters. I also added a second shell shop to give them one on the ground and one to climb to and more things on higher levels. I didn’t worry so much about smoothing everything out and even added a little Hill in the middle. Finally, it is conplete with a tiny little UFC octagon in the corner 🙂 I got my crabs just under a year ago but went in knowing some things about their care before making the purchase. This page helped me out a great deal.

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