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Name: Kevin Brown
Email: Msukevin@gmail.com
Year of Birth: 1975
Location: Lansing, Michigan USA
Dimensions of Crabitat: 20x20x20 lower with a 20x10x15 top
Volume of Crabitat: 45 total
Description of Substrate: 5 to 1 play sand & ee
Description of Tank Items: We have 3 coco huts, 1 suspended in netting that runs from the substrate up to the second level were it spreads out to an open net. Second level features the net, fake ivy vines, a shelf w moss pit and coco hut, extra shells, cuttlebone, and coco fiber wall that also runs down to the substrate in the lower section. Lower section features 7″ of sub at the lowest point, fresh and salt water dishes doubled up w storage dishes for easy cleaning and bubbles for humidity, rock pile and branch for climbing, cuttlebone, shell shop, fake plants, cocohut, cork bark stacked for a hide and climbing, oaster shell filled w crushed oaster and egg shell and acurite therm / hygrometer. UTH’s on both side and one end in the upper and fully insulated with dollar store sun shades.
Comments: Had to remove ivy vines in the lower section in hopes that the temp would come up a couple more degrees. May end up getting better UTH’s as these don’t seem to be doing the trick, temp seems to be maxing out at 77! This is our very first crabitat and have only had our hermies for 1 month!