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Amber Miner

Name: Amber Miner
Email: theamberandmoss@gmail.com
Year of Birth: 1982
Location: Vancouver BC Canada
Dimensions of Crabitat: 4ft x 18″ x 12″
Volume of Crabitat: 55gallons
Description of Substrate: plays and, coconutfiber, coconut chunks, and leaf litter.
Description of Tank Items: 2 filtered pools, 1 gallon each of fresh and marine salt water. Walls of cork and foliage, with plenty of vines and various other greenery and flowers affixed to it. 3 cork tubes, birch and grape wood to climb on and hide in. Mag naturals large planter used for climbing and as amoss pit. Giant coconut hanging hut (hand crocheted by me) with attached apple wood ladder for climbing and nibbling, filled with moss. Large leaf and flower “pit” area, for eating and hiding in. Many shells, three heaters so that I may turn them off and on as needed, full spectrum and ubv lights on a 12 hour timer.

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