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Name: Kevin Brown
Email: Msukevin@gmail.com
Year of Birth: 1975
Location: Lansing Michigan
Dimensions of Crabitat: 72″ by 18″ (base) by 24″ (height)
Volume of Crabitat: 135
Description of Substrate: 5-1 playsand and EE with crushed oyster shells average depth of 12″
Description of Tank Items 2 moss pits 1 in a large plastic basket 1 in a corner caddie. 2 shell shops, 1 in a woven basket 1 in a corner caddie. 2 quart fresh water pool & 2 qt salt water pool. 2 coco hides on the sub. 2 cork round hides. 2 cholla wood climbs into the hanging baskets. 2 Curly climbs. Burlap covered hamster wheel. EE covered saucer. 3 suspended cocohuts connected with bamboo bridges. Lots of fake plants. Fish net across the back wall. 2 24″ reptisun 5.0 uv lights. Acurite digital thermometer / hygrometer. 6 foot reptile basics heat tape with thermostat. Aqueon versa top glass lids. False bottom. Back and sides fully insulated.
Comments: This is my second crabitat. I’ve named this one Cosa Dela Crab! It was a Craigslist find that I refurbished the cabinet,cleaned up the tank and made into my main tank! So far I’ve had zero issues. The tank holds heat and humidity perfect and my crabs couldn’t be happier!

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