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Name: Tiffany S.
Email: betweenthewalls4@gmail.com
Year of Birth: 1990
Location: California, USA
Dimensions of Crabitat: 36inch X 18inch X 17inch
Volume of Crabitat: 40 gallon breeder tank
Description of Substrate: Playsand mixed with cocfiber ( 5:1 ). With a few cups of crushed oyster shells mixed in.

Description of tank items: about 10-11inches of substrate, over 100 isopods to help clean, 2 pieces of choya , 2 cork bark halves, 1 grapevine, decorative plants, 2 shell shop containers, 2 plastic water dishes, frog moss with chia sprinkled on top, regular moss pitt, tons of shell options for the little guys, handmade netting along the upper rim of the tank, 2 food dishes and multiple flat shells filled with snacks throughout the tank and finally, a little bridge covered in crushes oyster shells as another snacking spot. I use a uva/uvb bulb and a day bulb (for some heat if necessary) as well as a red bulb at night (for heat and viewing). I have a digital humidity/temp. sensor in the middle of the tank that transmits to the main dock ( I forget the brand ).

Comments: I just recently upgraded to this tank from a 20 gallon so my little guys could have plenty of space. So far the ones I have moved over LOVE it; especially my crazy climber, Marcell (he is my little Ecuadorian). I was going for a forest/beach theme; similar to spots in Northern California.

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