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Hello Carol, it seems as though this is the only way I can get in touch with you. The emails I have tried to send the last couple of days won’t go through. They get returned, unable to send. Sometimes they go through, sometimes they don’t. I have no idea…sounds like you are a busy lady, so nice for you to volunteer to your condo association! Have you heard about the hermit crab craze? Two things, hermit crab hamster wheels! They love them! Sometimes they fight over them like kids on the playground! So much time is spent walking in the wild, so, at least we can give them something where they can walk for a long period of time. We are not as lucky as you, most of us cannot let our crabs out all day! I wish I could, I would love it! Also, Stacy Griffith has “green sand”, and the crabs practically inhale it, it is the first thing they eat when I put it in the crabitat. Sending a pic of the crabs enjoying the wheel, hope it makes you laugh.


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