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Devon Crocker

My name is Devon Crocker.
email = mainelyhermitcrabs@gmail.com
I was born in 1990.
I’m from Maine, USA.
My crabitat is a 55 gallon tank. 48 1/4” x 12 3/4” x 21”
My substrate is a 5:1 ratio of EE and Play Sand. It’s a bit sandier near the saltwater bowl.
My crabitat consists of fish tank decor and a couple plastic containers for water dishes. I also use wood that I find outdoors (crab safe woods like Oak, Ash, Birch, and Maple and the wood is baked beforehand) and other natural things that I find that are safe for the crabs. I plan to add a topper on the left side as I have a very attractive branch that I would love to turn into a tree for my crabs. I think I need a 30 gallon in order to make this happen. We’ll see what the universe brings. 🙂

Thanks for looking! 😀

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