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Crabitat of the Month

⭐️Sharene Hoffman
⭐️Portland, Maine USA
⭐️72 1/2×18 1/2x 23 3/8
⭐️125 Gallons
⭐️Substrate is made up of Play Sand, Eco Earth, Oyster Shells, Worm Castings, leaf litter and Sphagnum Moss..5:1:1 Ratio
⭐️I’ve tried to stick to a “natural” look..I have 2 CocoHides, a hanging CocoPit I made, lots of fake greenery, cholla, Bark, food dishes that look like rocks and 1 made from a shell, lots of places to hide under or behind…I’ve provided Tons of types and various sizes of Shell. The tank has a Versa Top, 2 Acurite Gauges, a Ultratherm that goes 3/4 length of the tank and Reflectix on the back and sides to insulate. There is a UVB Light on one half. This tank also has a False Bottom to prevent Flooding.

⭐️This tank houses PPs and Es. They are very active and seem content. There are several types of Isopods that serve as a clean up crew and sometimes snack. Leaf Litter, Moss, Dry Flowers and Crushed Shells are always available in addition to food.