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Amber Miner

Location: Port Moody, B.C. Canada
Dimensions of Crabitat: 6 ft long X 18 inches wide X 25 inches high
Volume of Crabitat: 135 gallons
Description of Substrate: Playsand, live sand, coral sand, feldspar sand, oolite arangonite sand, coconut fiber, coconut chunks and oyster shell.
Description of Tank Items: custom foam backdrop in three panels including custom carved caves, hides, pods, cork highways and several kinds of wood.
12×12 extra level used for shells comprised of cork and tree fern.
Giant peek a boo cork tube apartment siliconed flush with the glass and full of moss for my viewing pleasure (there favorite spot)
Giant cholla used as a highway across the tank.
Grape wood caves.
Natural vines.
Hanging coconut flower pot.
Various artificial plants.
Exercise wheel.
2 almost gallon, filtered, swimming pools.
Ubv and full spectrum lighting.
Comments: This whole set up is pretty new and has been a constant work in progress 🙂

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